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The one place that provides all this knowledge and more is the guildhall Library in Square Mile within London.So, move to Square Mile and prosper!. The fee goes down  to 10 GBP plus VAT for each batch of additional 250 companies. You are equally encouraged to contact the library by traditional post or by electronic means like fax or email. Every possible information can be gathered here for establishing and enhancing of a business. 

The services of a professional researcher can also be resorted to.You are most welcome to visit the library in person. A FAME database is utilized in this search. The result of the search for 250 companies will be mailed to you, if you desire, for a fee of 40 GBP and VAT.To establish a business, you need all the information about it: how to go about starting it, how to run it and to make progress, how to meet contingencies that arise and while no one wishes to fail in their endeavour, how to cope up with it if you happen to go through it, et al. The staff is trained to identify their needs and help accordingly. 

You can, of course, telephone them too. The staff is ever willing to help you in whatever way they can. This service comes free and with a smile. History of The City is laid threadbare here and how business has been a major influence in the development of The City is explained in many a volume. A thorough and complete search of a company can be made by using post codes or other means of identifying the locations. 

A Richard Whittington in the 14th century willed it to be established and it has turned out to be a major reference library for the general public. When the search requires considerable amount of time to be spent on the task, you may make use of Focus Research in the City which comes with a fee. There are no cumbersome formalities to be gone into but some form of identification is necessary in case you want to have a look at some rare documents. It could be your passport, library card or even a driving license. It is not uncommon to find some visitors who know only vaguely about what exactly they are looking for


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